This is definitely my favourite nocturne by Chopin.

Especially when it is performed by the highly evocative Yundi Li.

Oh my goodness! This is so emotional! I’m going to start weeping! *weeps like a crazy woman*

Chopin’s Nocturne in C Sharp Minor Op. posthumous comes in a close second for me.

You see? Chopin was a real metrosexual and a bit effeminate. You can tell if you listen to his famous nocturnes.

“I’m going to drink a glass of red wine, cut and eat my steak in dainty little bites, weep over my ideal love poetry whilst wiping away the tears with my square handerchief that I miraculously produce from my suit jacket, and sniff the fragrant red roses on my table while I gently hold your hand and gaze lovingly into your eyes.”

But I like it. Women and metrosexuals love Chopin.